Training & Development

Your organisation thrives on employees knowledge; functional skills, behaviours, interpersonal skills and these largely attributes the human capital. Be it training of functional skills such as finance, services, manufacturing or human capital related skills of management, team performance and leadership, training is the recognized multiplier and organization developer - to build competencies while fostering an effective and efficient working environment.

BE-MAD believes that no one package fits all. We work with clients to develop customised learning and training content to meet their needs. BE-MAD ensures that programmes will be structured to ensure your staff gain realistic learning outcomes.

We also provide consulting and outsourcing services for all Training and Development functions. Our training and development services help individuals, managers and teams work at their best and operate productively.

Knowledge Management & e-Learning

With the new Knowledge Economy, your learning needs changed rapidly in terms of content. Many face the challenge of coping with the enormous volume of information and the rate at which information becomes outdated. It is essential to maintain a competitive edge with useful and updated information at your fingertips when you need it.

With Knowledge Management(KM) and e-Learning, you are in total control of your learning, development and most importantly, yield an information edge over the rest.

Our knowledge consultants worked with leading institutions and companies and their vast experience to implement effective KM models allows your organisation to learn and innovate, while leveraging on Information Technology.


With a group of qualified accountants, BE-MAD also provide accounting consultation services. To free valuable management time from your administration and other routine book-keeping duties, contact us for more design and implementation of effective accounting systems in your organization.

To find out more about our customisable programmes and services, please contact us.